How to Make DIY Goku Costume For Cosplay Event

Son Goku or Goku is one of the main characters in Dragon Ball Z. In this story, there are seven dragon balls to be collected and reunited to grant three wishes, while Goku travelling the world he met the other iconic characters including Kuririn, Bulma, met Chi-chi that became his wife and gave him a son, Gohan. Due to his superhero side and superhuman power, a lot of men wanted to dress up like Goku. The Goku appearance is in bright orange and blue with traditional martial arts outfit. There is also a jumpsuit which has a blue on the belt and orange sleeves available on the market you can purchase. Follow the instructions below for beautiful photo souvenirs in photo booth shell.

In DIY Goku costume, here are the basics things you will need

  • White cloth
  • Orange pants
  • Dark Blue T-SHIRT
  • Blue karate belt
  • Orange jumpsuit
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Dark blue wristbands
  • Dark blue boots
  • Hair spray
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Black marker
  • Black Wig

Tips for DIY Goku costume

  • In your cabinet, search for an orange t-shirt matches with orange pants. Cut the orange shirt into sleeves and draw a v-neck style in the upper t-shirt and cut it again.
  • Print out a Goku kanji symbol from the internet and practice to draw in a paper. 
  • You can use a black marker to make a kanji symbol in the center of the circle and cut around the black circle.
  • Start to sew the kanji symbol in the bottom left of the orange shirt. The symbol must be above the belt.
  • Choose black hair or orange hair wig with long enough to create a spike.
  • Apply hair spray to the wig and shape it into spiky points that stand up straight from the head.

This article may guide you on how to make a DIY Goku costume. All materials mentioned above are easy to buy in the market. Also, by adding some photo booth shell on this event will make the costume party more engaging